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Bridget, if I transferred money from a Wells Fargo account to someone else's Wells Fargo account, and later found out I was scammed, is there anything I can do? I filed a complaint on the ic3 site, but haven't heard back. I provided the bank checking account information for the person who the money went to. Do I have any recourse? If that person knows your account number, they can take money from your account.

Talk to your bank about protecting your account. Depending on the details of what happened, you could make a report to local law enforcement, or to the online site where the person contacted you.

Nigerian Dating Scams

If the person used the US mail, you can give envelopes to your local post office. The FAQ on the iC3 website explains that you get an immediate notification that they have received your complaint and to save a copy of it right then, because that is the only chance you will have to copy it. Keep everything that will document your claim incase they ever ask for it. But you will not hear from them. It says they review it in a timely manner and will notify and government office in the uS or Internationally as appropriate.

MaCing, It started on February 20 my story is exactly like yours! This person also befriended me on FB by the name David Warren single father with an 8 year old daughter ,wife died of cancer 2 years ago saying he is a marine engineer from U. K but works on a cargo ship going to Finland.

2. Plane Ticket/ Visa Scam

Few days later he tells me he wants to buy me gifts when he reaches the seaport which I refused because I didn't know him. He kept insisting he wanted to shop for me.

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I have no romantic feelings for this guy, only accepted him as a sincere friend Stupid me, I gave in and told him just send me a scarf and gave him my address. Next day images of Gucci watch, Rado watches, Coach bags were sent to me along with what looks like a legitimate air way bill and information on a shipping details. I don't know much about shipping routings but with expensive images that he sent me I didn't have a good feeling about via India and express delivery?

The package was sent out on February 25, expected delivery was 27 February by Today February 27 at I then tell David, my so call friend about getting a call from India and told him I just blocked the number. He insisted that I gave him the number which I did, no more than a minute later he text me back and says "there is a little problem" His exact words were,"They said it took a transit to India and they are requesting for Customs clearance and diplomatic hand over charges" I asked how much do they want?

He said "We have to pay dollars" i was silenced for a minute and the next text he send is," are you going to pay for it? I immediately looked online to see what I could find out about online scamming that's when I came across this website.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

As I looked back and try to compare the scam warning signs it was all there. Meeting on FB then asking to talk via WhatsApp, sending expensive gifts, single father with a daughter or a son. Says he makes 70,Euro a month but can't get to a bank because they don't have banks at seaports. Who sends money in a package?? Non- harmful Content negative. Wouldn't you think they saw they money?? I then went back to look at a picture he sent me this morning he said he was eating breakfast on the cargo ship with his friend.

In the picture he was eating his breakfast and someone did take a picture of him or supposedly of him, but I guess he must have forgotten to tell the camera man or woman not to include the female maitre d' because as I am staring at the picture, she is staring right into the camera! Must be a luxury cargo ship. Please everyone be careful! I might not have lost any money as many of you have, but through my acceptance as friend via FB he might also be trying to scam other friends as well. MeeT2, I wish Ive found this site before I accepted that gift. I did not fall in love with Adams Joe He is fromManchester ,UK as indicated inthe waybill receipt.

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I was dumb really. Now this is a learned lesson. I need not to look back but move forward. I pray these scammers will be caught.

God bless us all. Hi Georgia, I was too a victim of these dating online fraud. I met this girl from OKCupid. She sent me picture of her couple of times We exchange private email as we chatted.

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To make the story short, she started saying she's a single mom and her daughter is being taking care of by her Aunt in New York. Things are not doing so well on her end she said and telling me sad stories like how her dad died in Army and her mom died of cancer. And she started asking me for money this and that She as if I could send it to her Aunt in New York name Christine Kara and send the money through Western Union which I have never done before in my life sending money thru those means.

As I tried to send money to her with WU Western Union keeps rejecting the money I was trying to send as they told me I never met this woman. So she asked me to try MoneyGram I decided to email Brittney Retorick on Facebook and not through personal email The real Brittney doesn't know she was being impersonated by someone from Nigeria. Please beware of sending money to this person: Hi Georgia, I agree this is our time to fight back, I was almost a victim of this, I met a man online and he has has asked me for for money more than 3 times, his story is that he lives and works in dubai, he is Nigerian, and he has filed a complaint against the company he works for because of bad conditions they have let him go because of this and now he is running out of money, he has a Facebook page but only a few pics I have not and will not send him any money, I want others to aware of him his name is Moses ganfo or Moses Ebikepiri Ganfo.

U can tell they are fake a man named Dennis veiri freinded me an after a week he loves me an wants to come to my hometown hes in the middle of the sea for two weeks an of course he can't get to his bank account so he wants me to send his nanny in north Carolina three Hundred for his daughters party its really sad people can't tell when they are fake they always use am here am going to work thisan has called me I called the number.

Back an of course he doesn't answer he is an American but has a very solid accent his excuse he's been over seas for years but is ready to retire an marry me so me an my cousin are playing along just to see how many times he falls for my excuse of not sending the money. I have a David that is in love with me after a few weeks, and is in the middle of the sea. I said I couldnt, he just keeps insisting I try! Please dont let yourself get scammed , it took 3 times before I relized what was going after getting a man passwords that he gave me minus.

Some numbers I logged onto his account there was a number of women he is scamming he meets them on Facebook, I was scammed for thousands of dollars , they prey on women who are down,it took Finding the letters he was sending to other woman and pictures for me to turn away they learn your soft spot and play it , there are to many eeal men out there. Am chatting to a man on FB who claims to love me and keeps telling me am the missing piece of his heart he goes by the name Jack H Gillespie could we have the same guy.

Debbie Am still in chatting to Jack H Gillespie and he tells me he loves me and is coming to see me I have spoken to him on the phone and he has a very strong accent and sounds younger than he is suppose to be I have pictures would be interesting to compare. I met a guy name Delroy Jack in whow started off asking me for money. For his son for a school trip. He claims he was a widow and work for Exxon Mobile I said no then he started out asking for small amounts.

He always claim it would.

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I was ready to give up everything and live this fabulous life with him. It never happened I quit my job and got my retirement out and gave him dollars and after that he ask for even more for this that and the other. I finally decided after giving him 16, total that he was scamming me. After he didn't show up this year.

I went to Nigeria to meet the man who scammed me

He ask me for money last December. That was the final straw with him. All the talk of a business deal,marriage, I love you and I coming to the US, was just a pipe dream he. He ask me to ask my family members for. I did borow from a loan company once for. I would call him. He changed numbers frequently. He was supposed to have retired and living in London until he return to Albany NY.

They will they you anything to get money except the truth. I meet a man very similar story but he was a ships engineer who was from Dubai. Widower with a son. I feel your pain. Almost lost my home over the whole situation trying to help him. Needless to say lessons learned. Never send money to you have never meet face to face. He and I did video chat and call each other so I know he was a real person. Now I see him on google with the same name looking for new women to scam. He has blocked me cause I posted that he was a scammer and I Contacted a few of the people on his contact list.

I met man online through Match he had a local phone however was working "out of the country" in Malaysia, an engineer. Spoke with him daily, he texted I was a recent widow. Guess I do not have to tell you the rest. Name used is Joseph Rupert.