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After a hacker takes control over a neurotoxicity lab outside L. And worse, he wants revenge for the Baghdad bombings in , forcing Cabe to tell Walter his long-buried secret about the covered-up mission and the real end user for his code being the DoD and CIA who used it to kill and not help people.

Ralph, wanting to prove he is a part of Scorpion, puts his life on the line to help them. Also, Richard Elia stops by to give Walter a gift for his propulsion rocket, and loans him a Ferrari Testarossa to test its engine. Eventually, Walter kicks Cabe off the team and gets in a fight with Paige as she contemplates moving her and Ralph to Portland with Drew. Walter takes a late night joyride to clear his head in Elia's Ferrari but this goes awry when he has to take evasive action to avoid hitting a coyote. However, they are all forced to come together for their most important mission ever, which is to save Walter's life as his car gingerly balances on the edge of a cliff.

In the end, Paige stays on with Scorpion, who is her real family. After Walter is stabilized in the hospital but on strong pain medication, Paige kisses him and expresses her feelings by saying she cares about him.

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Unfortunately, he does not hear Paige's declaration because he is heavily sedated. Scorpion is back in business after new Homeland Security director Adriana Molina tasks them with a case when the nuclear-powered Russian K satellite is knocked out of orbit by space debris. They race to the Rocketry Aeronautics Center to divert the now-turned A-bomb 's course before it detonates over Southern California. But after last year's car accident, Walter is not one hundred percent physically or mentally there due to a hand injury and post-concussion syndrome.

His hidden feelings for Paige have also seemed to cloud his judgment. When problems arise on the job, they have to work extremely close together. Later, they test their theory of the team vs. After a woman Izabella Miko Cabe saved in Croatia 20 years ago when she was a child pleads for his help, the team travels to Cuba for an off-the-grid mission to apprehend a Serbian war criminal who killed her family.

Meanwhile, Toby gets Sylvester to confess his love for Megan by subduing his anxiety through exposure therapy. Later, not wanting to admit he was in an emotional state that led to negligence resulting in his car accident, Walter wants to plead recklessness , but may wind up in jail. However, on his lawyer's advice, Paige convinces him otherwise and he is sentenced to court-mandated community service by picking up trash in town, where he meets a new friend named Ray. In order to save the lives of three judges being targeted by a Japanese gang, Sylvester goes undercover in a federal prison to decipher the gang boss' codes.

But when Molina refuses to help them get him out, Scorpion plans his escape when his life is threatened by an inmate. In order to break him out, Walter must work with Ray and his "Ray Way" of doing things by having his man on the inside smuggle drugs for Sylvester to take, appearing dead. Meanwhile, Ralph is getting bullied at school and takes matters into his own hands by becoming a celebrity on the news for getting accepted to multiple prestigious colleges. Later, Sylvester has a new lease on life after his "death" and works up the courage to tell Megan he loves her.

Also, Toby overhears Happy making a date to meet a man at a club. Happy continues to date Chet, upsetting Toby, who takes out his frustration on a punching bag. The team meets deputy director Katherine Cooper, who is now Scorpion's Homeland liaison. After analyzing the vulture from a top secret U. Navy submarine, the vulture explodes, crippling the submarine. With limited air and no communications, Scorpion must rescue everyone on board the submarine before it self-destructs.

Later, Walter proves he is not a "robot" and lets Ray stay in a trailer at the garage. The team must pose as a film crew to get onto the Super Fun Guy movie set in hopes of locating a Soviet s-era nuclear missile that is being sold by arms dealers on an old military base in Kazakhstan.

To sneak past the armed-guards, they must disguise themselves as the film's superheroes so they can disable the warhead. Meanwhile, Megan undergoes a deep brain stimulation procedure and asks Sylvester not to tell Walter, causing Sly to work from the garage and have to sit out from partaking in his favorite comic book characters during the mission.

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Also, in order to forget about his affections for Happy, Toby's boxing improves and, with Cabe's help, he wants to fight in an amateur match. The team is ready to open the new "smart" building project they have been working on with Elia, but the building has been infected by a swiftly spreading worm that was uploaded onto Walter's computer by a mysterious woman he met at a tech conference mixer the night before. It is turning the now dangerous building into a burning death trap for all inside, including three children, one of whom is the head of security's son.

They must work to simultaneously stop the fire and find the person responsible for planting the deadly virus. With Paige and Ralph stuck on an out of control L. Metro subway train, the team must stop it before it derails.

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Walter, with sheer disregard to his personal safety, bravely jumps onto the 90 mph speeding train and successfully stops it from derailing. Paige gets scared on seeing this and due her insecurity of losing Walter, hits him. Later she apologizes to him for her juvenile behavior. Elsewhere, Toby has his first fight and gets knocked out in the boxing ring. Meanwhile, Happy seeks her own distraction from their failed relationship by going out with Chet, who is actually her comedy coach.

The men then track her down at a comedy club where she totally bombs her science-based routine that only Sylvester appreciates. Happy creates a gamma ray spectrometer to use in the base's "cone of silence". Toby makes predictions for the future by writing down what will happen on their case in sealed envelopes that usually turn out to be correct.

Walter plans to upload Megan's consciousness into a hard drive as a technological singularity , Transcendence -style. Later, tension grows between Walter and Sylvester when Sylvester obeys Megan's wishes and does not go forward with the aggressive treatment of intubation that Walter wants. However, things take a bad turn when the British operative turns on the team and blackmails Scorpion into helping assassinate Madaky.

It appears that MI6 agent Gleason is killed and that the team decides to carry out the plan to take out Madaky. It is later revealed that Gleason is alive and Scorpion played a Houdini stunt. They orchestrate Madaky's arrest and reveal that MI6 director Olivia Cromwell was in business with Madaky, leading to her arrest, as well. On the home front, Walter gets a court order to have Megan intubated , much to Sylvester's dismay. In order to protect Megan's wishes, Sylvester makes a bold decision and gets Ray, an ordained minister of the Immaculate Church of the Internet, to marry them, making Walter accept that the situation is beyond his control.

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When Walter's parents visit Megan as her condition worsens, the hospital is infected by a fatal fungus outbreak cutting Walter off from his sister and placing the whole team at risk. Thinking it is stachybotrys , the infectious disease unit searching for a cure collapse by spraying the wrong fungicide.

It now falls to Scorpion to search for a cure themselves. Toby examines gold dust, a natural fungicide, on a cafeteria worker's boots and sees the man cut his leg, becoming a host to Meliola anfracta , an ancient fungus unearthed in soil. In a surprising discovery, Sylvester's OCD about using antibacterials has caused him to grow a superbacteria on his hands that is fatal to the fungus. With help from Ralph and Cabe, who the CDC keep outside, they spread the bacteria through the water standpipes and save those trapped inside. Walter reaches Megan in time to be at her side as she dies. Later, he receives an email with a video from Megan telling him that, he is more than just his brain, he is his heart and he should not be afraid to love.

As a result, Walter begins to open up to his estranged parents and holds hands with Paige while sharing memories of his beloved sister. As the team deals with Megan's death six weeks later, they must stop a cyber terrorist , using code written by college students, who is threatening to shut down the Federal Reserve if they do not receive a quarter of a billion bitcoin in the next 72 hours. But, in order to foil this unknown hacker, they must get into the school's server, which is a highly sophisticated quantum computer , to kill the ransomware. Meanwhile, Walter conducts an experiment to prove that Ray's firefighting partner's death was not Ray's fault by using Tuggle's tank that Cabe's friend acquired from police evidence storage.

Later, Ray discovers the submerged tank in liquid glycerin which would harden any air leakage from the tank to create a bubble pattern. The test proves the tank was defective, giving Ray the peace of mind to go back into the world again, leaving Scorpion headquarters. If the transformer gets flooded and shorts, , people will lose power on Christmas Day. After they re-boot the computer and engineer the roof, they notice a mudslide spilling into the reservoir has put a crack in the nearby dam's wall following torrential rains.

Now, they have to stop the dam from breaking and wiping out the town down in the valley by repairing it. Walter deals with Megan's death by putting her ashes in a coffee can in his glove compartment and talking to himself. When Walter misplaces his pet ferret , he is so overwhelmed by the loss that his emotions finally get the best of him in front everyone; he really misses Megan.

Scorpion has to survive subzero temperatures trekking to the remote McMurdo Station in Antarctica to save a U. Special Forces unit in Darfur that is trying to take down a genocidal warlord eviscerating border-town farming villages. The Pentagon lost contact with a low geosynchronous orbit satellite that controls a military drone used to support their operation and the team needs to reconnect it to give cover to the four-man strike team.

During the mission, Toby risks his life to save Happy after she gets cut off from the rest of the team by getting lost in a whiteout blizzard.

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For her New Year's resolution , Happy starts reading Toby's rival Quincy Berkstead's book, Your Essential Strategies for Saying Yes to Life to be a little more positive and a little less mean and sarcastic, while Walter tries to be more social and Cabe gives up coffee to lower his blood pressure.

The team goes to a North African nation to find out if the dictator has hidden metallic sodium panels that are capable of concentrating sunlight to be launched as a satellite death ray. During the mission, Walter must use dishonesty and flattery to get up close and personal with the megalomaniacal dictator, who is smitten by his intellect.