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your head before, during and after a date, which is why we've compiled a list of some top dating tips for men, to help make sure your date is an ultimate success.

Perfectionists tend to focus on goals instead of fun while doing their hobbies, such as being unhappy and depressed about a loss in a friendly game of tennis. Look for activities like watching a sunset or reading books to each other that don't lend themselves to "achievement.

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You can't undo years of perfectionism by being a good date, but you can help your date focus on things besides achievement. If you play golf together, focus on how much you enjoyed her company rather than how well she did. Jennifer Zimmerman is a former preschool and elementary teacher who has been writing professionally since Meet Singles in your Area!

Dating a Perfectionist Make sure your partner really is a perfectionist. Tip Remember that because a perfectionist wants everything to be perfect, he may spend a lot of hours at work or school.

A Red Flag – Perfectionism

It won't mean that he doesn't want to spend time with you, just that he can't overcome his perfectionism to do so all of the time. Warning Perfectionists tend to be very negative people; it really takes a thick-skinned optimist to handle one.

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  6. 15 Reasons Why Perfectionists Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love.

View Singles Near You. How to Stand Up for Your Girlfriend. Romantic Restaurants in Louisiana. Romantic Dinner Ideas for Her. The Wiki entry goes into some detail about concept of perfectionism complete with links to sources. They also tend to dissociate themselves from their flaws or what they believe are flaws such as negative emotions and can become hypocritical and hypercritical of others, seeking the illusion of virtue to hide their own vices.

I frequently see women in their online dating profiles claim to be perfectionists. These are women to avoid. Perfectionism is the behavioral manifestation of being a control freak. Control freaks are miserable people. The woman, in her desire to be a perfect, attempts to control all within her grasp, especially the man in her life. In its pathological form, perfectionism can be damaging. It can take the form of procrastination when used to postpone tasks and self-deprecation when used to excuse poor performance or to seek sympathy and affirmation from other people.

In general, maladaptive perfectionists feel constant pressure to meet their high standards, which creates cognitive dissonance when one cannot meet their own expectations. Perfectionism has been associated with numerous other psychological and physiological complications as well.

Relationship Issues: Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Relationship?

Narcissists are wildly toxic people unfit for dating and intimate relationships. These are rooted in traumatic injuries to the grandiose self.

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The entry goes on. Narcissists often are pseudo-perfectionists and require being the center of attention and create situations where they will receive attention. The take away advice for men is this — when reading online dating profiles and meeting a woman in person for the first time — look for signs of her perfectionism.

If in doubt, just ask her. In actually, however, perfectionism is a serious character flaw. Gentlemen, avoid the perfectionist. A Red Flag — Perfectionism Manosphere. I assume that you mean the distaff variety.

They have a habit of burning bridges in all relationships. Men are classified as narcissistic if we are arrogant, self-reliant, and self-confident.

19 Perfectionists Share Their Dating Struggles

Women can get away with being arrogant, self-reliant, and self-confident while men cannot or else men are considered abusive if they have these traits while women are not. I mean those who demand such high standards, but only on themselves. This includes never giving oneself credit even after doing something worthwhile. I sorted most of that stuff out as I matured, but, even all this time later, there can be a threat for unjustified negative self-talk to want to come creeping back.

Very enlightening, and validating. My X procrastinated and sought sympathy constantly.

19 Perfectionists Share Their Dating Struggles

It seemed strange to me that she was also controlling and critical of others. Her inability to complete projects undermined any actual credibility she had. Thanks Wikipedia for tying it all together. What you have blockquoted above as authoritative text is just the synthesized musings of a random, unknown volunteer Wikipedia editor. Does not invalidate the blog post.